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[[Services in the CVL]]
[[Services in the CVL]]
* [[Computer Support]]
* Oops!  I deleted a file that I didn't mean to. [[How to recover data in from your CVL account]].
* Graduate students and research groups may use the [[CVL File Backup Service]].
* [ Help Desk] For more information about helpdesk and how to use it [ click here].
* [[Document Printing (Posters, CAD drawings, photographs)]]
[[Virginia Tech Links]]
[[Virginia Tech Links]]

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Welcome to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Support and Information Wiki.

This webpage provides information on how to manage and use specific programs for Virginia Tech's ECE department. Anyone who is part of the ECE department at Virginia Tech may contribute to or edit this Wiki. Simply create a user name and password to log in and edit this webpage.

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Services in the CVL

Virginia Tech Links

Software Packages and Programs

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