How to gain Remote Access to the CVL over the Internet

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Accessing the CVL Remotely from a Windows Operating System

While working on a project from home it is possible to access the programs contained in the CAD and Visualization Lab on Campus. In order to accomplish this you must have a SSH client and a X windows server installed on your Windows machine. ECE supports PuTTY as our SSH client and Cygwin/X as our X windows server.

To download, install, and setup these programs follow these short tutorials.

PuTTY tutorial
Cygwin/X tutorial

At the end of the Cygwin Tutorial you will be given the instructions on how to access the CVL remotely.

Accessing the CVL Remotely from a Unix Based Operating System

To access the CVL from a Unix system just open a terminal and ssh to Use the user name and password that you created from the CVL Account creation page.

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