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  • The CAD and Visualization Lab (CVL) is divided into two parts, an open access computer lab and a compute cluster.
  • The CVL is a departmental resource available to students and researchers. The primary reasons for the CVL are to support software packages used throughout the department and to provide compute power for the more compute intensive requirements.Currently, the CVL uses Linux as its operating system; however, the CVL is user friendly for those who use Microsoft Windows or Apple's OSX.


How to Set Up An Account with CVL

Step One Click link.
Step Two Create your account.
Or Change your account.
Step Three Enter your PID and Password.
Step Four Click the VT PID Login button.
Step Five Enter your correct information into the blank boxes.
Step Six Create a new password.
Step Seven Check the I have read and will abide by the VT Acceptable Use Policy box.
Step Eight Click Create an CVL Account.

Main Page Info

  • The Resources page provides links to:
How to gain Remote Access to the CVL over the Internet
CVL Filebox
FAQ --- Frequently Asked Questions
Compute Clusters
PSpice FAQ
Computer Security
Identity Finder
  • The CVL page provides services through these links:
Computer Support
How to recover data in from your CVL account.
CVL File Backup Service --- For graduate students and research groups.
Help Desk --- For more information about helpdesk and how to use it click here.
Document Printing (Posters, CAD drawings, photographs)

Making Contributions

File Backup

  • Graduate students and research groups may use the CVL for backing up their work.
  • To access more information, click this link: File Backup


  • To learn about the CVL Lab click this link: CVL Lab.

CVL Cluster

Help Desk

  • This link will send you to the Help Desk where you can ask questions:
    Help Desk
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