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EECS 865 Course Schedule

Spring 2015

Detailed Schedule

Date Topic Sections Assignment
01/20/2015 Lecture 1: Course objective and overview
01/22/2015 Lecture 2: Wireless channels: large scale fading Chapter 2 of T&V HW1 is assigned.
01/22/2015 Lecture 3: Wireless channels: small scale fading Chapter 2 of T&V
02/12/2015 Lecture 4: Frequency selective fading Chapter 2&3 of G; Part II of M HW2 is assigned. Propagation file.
02/12/2015 Lecture 5: More about fading channels
02/19/2015 Lectures are canceled due to Engineering Expo Chapter 2&3 of G; Part II of M
02/26/2015 Lecture 6: Typical error events in fading channels Chapter 3 of T&V
02/26/2015 Lecture 7: Time diversity and rotation codes Chapter 3 of T&V
03/03/2015 Lecture 8 (make-up): Antenna diversity Chapter 3 of T&V HW3 is assigned.
03/05/2015 Lecture 9: Frequency diversity Chapter 3 of T&V
03/05/2015 Lecture 10: Multiple access Chapter 4 of T&V

Score Board

Real-time score for EECS 865 can be found here.

A Note on Homework Submission

  • Send electronic copy of your homework to “”.
  • Use the title: “EECS_865_HW#” for your submission.
  • File name should be: “FirstName_LastName_865_HW#.tex/pdf/doc/docx”.
  • If you are submitting your homework using latex, please include the source file (.tex) as well as the pdf file (.pdf).
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