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Adding Printers

First, remove the old printer(s)

  • Start -> Devices & Printers -> Right click on the printer to remove and select Remove
Windows 7
  • Note: You must be using the network in the Durham 476/478 student lab
  1. Open Start -> Devices & Printers
  2. Click on Add a Printer
  3. Select the Add a Network Printer option
  4. Click The printer that I want isn't listed
  5. Select Add a printer using a TCP/IP address... and click Next
  6. Enter the following address in the Hostname box and click Next
    • If you are not in the Durham 478 lab, use
  7. Accept the default option for the rest of the process. You will be prompted for the driver that you downloaded from the link below.
  1. Open Printers & Scanners preference pane (System Preferences)
  2. Click + icon on bottom left
  3. Select the IP tab
  4. Enter into the Address box
  5. After a few seconds for OSX to scan the printer, click Add.

Driver Location

If you are prompted for a driver

  • Download the driver for the HP LaserJet M601dn
  • Select your operating system and download the Driver Only option. Execute the downloaded file, unpacking the drivers to the C drive.
  • Install the driver from the driver folder (C:\HP_LaserJet_Enterprise_600_M601_M602_M603_printer_series)
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