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Installing SPB/ORCAD 16.5

Please uninstall all previous versions of ORCAD

  1. Download all the SPB Base and Hotfix files here: https://computing.ece.vt.edu/software/OrCAD/cur/
    • Base_SPB16.50.000_wint_1of5.zip
    • Base_SPB16.50.000_wint_2of5.zip
    • Base_SPB16.50.000_wint_3of5.zip
    • Base_SPB16.50.000_wint_4of5.zip
    • Base_SPB16.50.000_wint_5of5.zip
    • Hotfix_SPB16.50.034_wint_1of1.exe
  2. Expand all the zip files
  3. Open Disk 1 and double click setup.exe
  4. Select Product Installation
  5. Hit Next until the Setup Type page, select Complete
  6. Installation Page - License Path: 27002@license.ece.vt.edu
    • During the install process you will be prompted for the location of disks 2-5. Make sure you have downloaded and unzipped these.
  7. After the install, run Hotfix_SPB16.50.034_wint_1of1.exe
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