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IceFloor is an open-source graphical front-end for pf, the default built-in firewall for OS X.

Installing IceFloor

  1. Download and install IceFloor:
  2. Open IceFloor and enter your login password
  3. Read the Welcome Wizard and skip installing the IceFloor Menulet
  4. Open the Options tab
  5. Check the Enable Emerging Threats... line and Enable <sshguard>... line
  6. Open the Help tab and click on Configuration Wizard
  7. Enter your login password and click Continue
  8. On the "Allow Inbound Connections" page, select the following and click Next
    • Remote login (SSH)
    • iChat, Message and iPhoto
    • ICMP protocol
    • If you use iTunes, you should also enable iTunes sharing and Airplay
  9. On the "Allow outbound connections" page, leave the default Allow all outbound connection and click Next
    • If you are sure of what you are doing, you can limit outbound connections...doing this has the most chance of breaking something
  10. Check Enable Emerging Threats protection and click Save configuration
  11. Enter your login password
  12. Click the Start PF button and agree to the warning
  13. Enter your login password again...
  14. Choose yes to start PF rules at startup

Custom Rules


If you are using the ECE Crashplan app, please add a custom rule to Icefloor

  1. Open IceFloor
  2. Open the Firewall tab
  3. Under the Services in selected Address Group box, click the pencil icon
  4. Click Add new custom service
  5. Enter "Crashplan" and "4242" for the Service Name and Ports, and click Add service
  6. Close the Add or Remove services... window
  7. Now select the + (plus) icon under Services, and select the Crashplan service you created
  8. Enter your login password, click Apply, and enter your login password again.
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