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VT Email

There are currently 3 different email scenarios at VT

Scenario 1 - VT Google Apps


Everyone with a VT PID has a VT Google Apps account. This is the most common denominator for VT email.

Email can be accessed through the web interface, or by configuring a desktop client via IMAP.

Scenario 2 - Exchange 2013

Exchange Landing Page


Exchange is F/S only, though students can be sponsored for an Exchange account.

The most common Exchange scenario involves forwarding email sent to your VT Google Apps ( to your Exchange account ( This does not include emails flagged as spam by Google (see Managing Spam below).

Enabling or Disabling Forwarding of VT Google Apps Mail

Archiving Exchange Emails

We recommend archiving your exchange emails to your VT Google account.

  1. Start by enabling IMAP in your VT Google account:
  2. Next configure Outlook to connect to your VT Google account:
  3. Under the VT Google account in Outlook, right-click the inbox and Create New Folder and name it Archive
  4. Drag and drop emails or folders from the Exchange account to the Archive folder under the Google account

Scenario 3 - Local Exchange (ITAR)


If you are on an ITAR related project, email sent to does NOT get sent to VT Google Apps, and instead everything goes directly to

Managing Spam

Outlook 2013 Filter

  1. Create a new rule (Home Tab -> Rules -> Create Rule)
  2. Click Advanced Options
  3. In the Step 1 box, check with specific words in the message header
  4. In the Step 2 box, click specific words
  5. Enter X-Spam-Flag: YES in the text box and click Add
    • You can add X-Gm-Spam: 1 as an additional option
  6. Click Next
  7. In the Step 1 box, check move to the specified folder
  8. In the Step 2 box, click specific folder and choose the folder (Junk E-mail is recommended)
  9. Click Finish and give it a name

Spam (Unwanted Email)

VT Google Apps Mail Mailbox Management

Checking Spam in Your VT Google Apps Mail Account

Stopping Email from Going to Spam in VT Google Apps Mail

Managing Spam when Forwarding VT Google Apps Mail by Creating a Filter

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