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ECE Posters

ECE has a wide format document printer for use within the ECE deparment.

The printer is an Epson Stylus Pro 9800 Professional Edition, a 44" wide photo-ready printer.

We can print:

  • Posters, CAD drawings, Banners, Photographs And More!


  • We have 2 paper sizes: 36" and 44"
  • The standard poster size is 36x48", but we can print anything up to 44"
  • The only paper type is Photo Glossy.
  • We ask that all posters be sent to us as a PDF file, which will help ensure print quality and compatibility between your system and the Print Server.
  • Posters take about 20 minutes to physically print, depending on page size. (36x24: 10min, 36x48: 20 min)

  • Before you convert/print/send your document:
Note: High resolution images will appear more detailed and fine-lined whereas low resolution images will distort if enlarged. For example, if you enlarge an image with low resolution your picture will appear blurred or pixelated.
1. Verify that your document appears correct and has the correct page size before you send in the document.
2. View your PDF Poster at Actual Size zoom level to find out the image's resolution.
  • Remember to check the resolution of your digital image. Why? When you download an image from the internet the image's resolution may appear detailed, however, when you print the image it appears distorted.
  • Why? Image resolution. Most images downloaded from the internet commonly have low resolution or small pixel dimensions. The smaller resolution images are easier and faster to download from a website than larger resolution images.
3. Please leave some whitespace trim to poster to prevent cutting off at the margins.

  • How to Get High Resolution VT Logos:
Note: Only Faculty and Staff can access the VT Logos. In order to gain access talk to your professor for assistance.
1. Go to the download location
2. Use the .EPS or .Al vector graphic files. NOT the .tiff.

How to Convert Powerpoint Posters to PDF

  • Windows: Office 2010/2013:
  1. Open your Powerpoint file.
  2. Click on File and select Save As.
  3. Go to the Save as Type and save the file as PDF, i.e. .pdf.
  4. Click Save to finalize the conversion from Powerpoint to PDF.
  • Windows: Office 2007:
Note: Office 2007 cannot be locally saved as a PDF without having installed Adobe Acrobat Pro or Office 2007 add ons.
Office 2007 PDF:
  1. Open your Powerpoint file.
  2. Click on the File menu icon at the top-left of the window.
  3. Click the Save As icon.
  4. Go to the Save as Type and save the file as PDF, i.e. .pdf.
  5. Click Save to finalize the conversion from Powerpoint to PDF.
  • Mac OS X 2011:
  1. Open your powerpoint file.
  2. Click on File and scroll down to Save As.
  3. Click on the Format bar and choose PDF.

Great! How do I use it?

  • In order to print a poster, please send the PDF to the ECE Support team: support AT
  • They will setup a time to get the job printed out and help you with formatting to ensure you have a quality project printed.

Additional Information

Information about the Epson 9800


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