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  • Commons issues with PSpice 9.1 and the standard solutions:


OrCAD PSpice 9.1

  • Currently, we recommend manually installing the program, and only use the Standalone version as a last resort.
You must run all versions of PSpice as an administrator. 
  • Right click and Run as Administrator.

Installing PSpice 9.1

  • NOTE: You cannot have different versions of OrCAD PSpice installed. Before attempting this install, remove any previous versions of PSpice (see Removing PSpice)
  1. Download OrCAD PSpice 9.1
    • You must be on campus, or using the VT VPN to download
  2. Extract the zip file to a location on your computer and open the folder.
  3. IMPORTANT: Right click on setup.exe -> Properties -> Select the Compatibility tab -> Check Run this program as Administrator AND Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (SP3).
  4. During the installation, make sure to select both Capture and Schematics, otherwise choose the default options.
  5. IMPORTANT: After the install, you need to change the compatibility mode and set Run as Administrator for Capture and Schematics.
  6. Right click on the program icon -> Properties -> Select the Compatibility tab -> Check Run this program as Administrator AND Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (SP3).

Standalone Portable PSpice Student XP

I strongly encourage that you create a new Administrator account and running the Standalone PSpice in this account (see Workaround 1)

  • The PSpice Standalone program is an unofficial repackaging of PSpice 9.1 using the Cameyo software package. This version does not require installation and behaves exactly as the installed versions.
  • These versions are recommended for use if you have trouble with the installed version of PSpice or want to avoid the installation process.
Note: Be aware that these versions can still be affected by some of the same issues that the installed versions have.
  1. Download PSpice91XP.virtual.exe
    • You must be on campus, or using the VT VPN to download
  2. Open PSpice91XP.virtual.exe and select either Schematic or Capture.
    • NOTE: This version can only save data to your Desktop or Documents folders.

Removing PSpice 9.1

  • NOTE: Please reboot your machine before attempting to remove PSpice. This will kill any hanging processes that might interfere with the uninstall procedure
  1. Open the Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs (XP)or Programs and Features (Vista/7)
  2. Uninstall PSpice Student 9.1 (and any other versions of Orcad PSpice you find)
  3. Open Windows Explorer (File Browser) and delete the following folder (C:\Program Files\Orcad_Demo). PSpice 10.0 and 16.2 place their folder on the C:\ drive.
  4. Download and install CCleaner
    • CCleaner is a free-for-personal use program. We recommend the Slim version.
  5. Open CCleaner and use it to clean your registry

Troubleshooting PSpice

  • We recommend complete reboots of the computer between attempts to troubleshoot PSpice. This will ensure that all hung processes are properly killed.

What if PSpice will not install or run properly: Why and what to do:

  • This problem seems to occur the most on Fujistu tablets. The current assumption is that there is a Fujitsu process or program that is conflicting with PSpice 9.1. Currently there are no known fixes, simply workarounds.
  • You MUST uninstall PSpice EACH TIME before attempting these workarounds (see directions above).
  • We think that the Fujitsu System Manager package is causing issues with PSpice. Uninstalling this package (Control Panel -> Programs and Features) should let PSpice run. However, this will break the Fujitsu buttons (screen rotate, etc).

Workaround 1

  1. Create a new Administrator account:
    • NOTE: This account does need to be an Administrator account, and should be password protected. When you are done with your classes or labs, you can remove the account if you like.
  2. Switch Users to the new account
  3. Download and run the Standalone PSpice (see directions above).
  4. The error might come back. Try creating yet another Admin account.

Workaround 2

  1. Download Standalone PSpice (see directions above)
  2. Reboot your machine into Safe Mode:
  3. Log in and run the Standalone PSpice.

Workaround 3

  • Note: This method is very CPU and memory intensive. If the first two methods do not work and you end up using the Windows 7 XP mode, it's recommended that you close all other programs before starting the virtual machine.
  1. Download and install Windows 7 XP Mode: .
  2. Start up XP Mode: .
  3. Download and run the Portable PSpice (see directions above).

If Schematics will not open properly, but Capture works: Why and what to do:

  • Mostly likely this is an issue with another service or background program interfering with Schematics.
  • To verify this:
  1. Boot up your computer in Safe Mode and run Schematics. If Schematics works properly, then you have a program or background service that is interfering.
  • The only solution to this problem is to determine what program(s) are interfering with Schematics. Some suggestions to do so are as follows:
  1. Close all running applications.
  2. Open your Control Panel and open Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs). Uninstall anything that you do not use/need to have installed.
  3. Close any programs that are running in your task bar that are not currently in use.
  4. Use Task Manager to kill processes (Warning: This is an advanced method, you can cause your computer to crash and require a reboot doing this)
  • Otherwise, the program will only work in Safe Mode.
  • Fujitsu Tablets seem to have a Fujitsu Utility or Background service that is interfering with Schematics. At this time, we have not determined what the exact program is, using safe mode seems to be the only working solution.
  • Note If you are running a Toshiba tablet, the service 'Toshiba Serive Station' or TSS.exe is preventing Schematics from running. Disable or Kill this process in the Task Manager and this should allow Schematics to work.
  • Important: Programs that interfere with Schematics: Veoh Webplayer

Capture is missing PSpice menu option

(fig.2) Compatibility Tab
  • Both Capture and Schematics require Administrator privileges. Right click on the program icon and select "Run as Administrator"
  • To set Administrator permanently: Right Click on the program icon -> Properties -> Select the Compatibility Tab -> Check "Run this program as Administrator"

Schematics has an error "Cannot find pspicead.exe" when simulating

  • First make sure that you are running Schematics as Administrator. See the line 6 of the installation instructions.
  • Sometimes Schematics will not shut down properly and leaves a hung process. Use Task Manager to kill those processes
  1. Close out of all the Schematic windows
  2. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc)
  3. Kill the following processes if they are running: appmgr.exe, pdesign.exe, psched.exe, pspice.exe
    • Another option would be rebooting the machine, this will kill any hung processes.

I run Setup.exe, but nothing happens

  • Sometimes Setup.exe will hang and do nothing. At this point, you should either reboot the machine (recommended) or use Windows Task Manager to kill the Setup.exe process(es).

What if nothing happens after opening 91pspstu.exe: Why and what to do:

(fig.1) 91pspstu.exe
  • 91pspstu.exe is merely a self-extracting zip file. The default location is the user profile temp directory.
  • After unzipping into the directory, the 91pspstu.exe will NOT execute setup.exe, you must navigate to the folder where the installation files were extracted. Here are some ways to find the installations files.
  • After unzipping and with the unzip window still open, highlight and copy the folder location and paste into Windows Explorer, and run Setup.exe as an Administrator
  • Create a folder on your desktop or documents, copy the folder location from the Windows Explorer toolbar and paste into the unzip window.
  • Download a regular zip file of the pspice installation files from

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