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OpNet is a computer and communications network simulation package.

OPNET home page


Installing OpNet on Microsoft's Windows

OpNet can be installed on Windows provided that:

  1. The machine is university owned.
  2. The machine is on university property.
  3. No commercial work is allowed with this package.


You may install OpNet over the network. Please Note: From this share, you are not allowed to make a copy of the files, however you can install the program!

You must have a CVL account, go here and create yourself an account. Start windows explorer (not internet explorer), and type the following into the URL:


This should bring up a login box. Use your CVL account to login. If the above does not bring up a login box, try:


You start the insall by double clicking on the program. The proper installation order is:

  1. modeler_145A_PL0_7017_win.exe
  2. models_145A_PL0_29Jan08_win.exe
  3. modeler_docs_28-Jan-2008_win.exe

Connecting to the ECE Departmental License Server

Start the OpNet program. It should immediatly goto the "License Manager". Close this. In the main menu click on "Edit", "Preferences". A large list of preferences will appear. Scroll down until you find "license_server", under the column labeled "Name". Under the column labeled "Value", next to license_server put:


Also, verify that "license_port" is "port_a".

Restart OpNet and you should be good to go.

Additional Links

OPNET home page

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