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MobaXterm can be used as an SSH client and X11 windows server in one! This will replace the old method of installing Xming and Putty to connect to the CVL cluster on Windows machines.

More information about MobaXterm's features can be found here:


Installing MobaXterm

  1. Download MobaXterm from (free version)
  2. Double click the MobaXterm_Setup_<version>.msi and accept the default options to install.
  3. Open MobaXterm (Start Menu)
  4. If prompted by the Windows firewall, allow access to XWin.exe

Using MobaXterm to connect to CVL

After opening MobaXterm, there are 2 ways of connecting to the CVL


  1. Select the Session icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  2. At the next screen, select SSH (top left corner)
  3. In the Remote host* box, enter a CVL machine address
    • or, where ## can be 01-15
  4. Check the 'Specify username box and enter your ECE account name
  5. Under Advanced SSH Settings, check that X11 forwarding is selected (should be on by default)
  6. Click OK, and enter your ECE password into the terminal
  7. To quit, you can simply type "exit" in the terminal window

Option 2

  1. Simply type the following command directly into the terminal window
ssh -X

Transferring files to/from CVL

When you SSH into your account, a file list will appear at the side of the window. Just drag and drop files from Windows Explorer into it, or drag files from it to Windows Explorer to transfer files. You'll have to have the correct permissions of course. There is no progress bar while exchanging files, so bigger files will make it seem like nothing is happening.

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