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  • Welcome to the ECE Computing Wiki.
  • The CVL is a departmental resource available to students and researchers. The primary reasons for the CVL are to support software packages used throughout the department and to provide compute power for the more compute intensive requirements. Currently, the CVL uses Linux as its operating system; however, the CVL is user friendly for those who use Microsoft Windows or Apple's OSX.


Main Page Info

  • The ECE Cluster page provides services through these links:
Computer Support
  • Offers links to Windows Support, Linux Support, Mac Support.
How to recover data from your ECE account.
  • Offers information on how to recover deleted files.
ECE File Backup Service --- For graduate students and research groups.
  • Offers support in backing up important files.

File Backup

  • Graduate students and research groups may use the ECE Filebox for backing up their work.
  • To access more information, click this link: File Backup

ECE Cluster Lab

ECE Cluster

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