is carrying
is catching
is pushing
is pulling
is reaching for
is jumping over
is hitting
is kicking
is elbowing
is tripping
is waving at
is pointing at
is pointing away from
is looking at
is looking away from
is laughing at
is laughing with
is hugging
is wrestling with
is dancing with
is holding hands with
is shaking hands with
is talking with
is arguing with
is walking with
is running with
is crawling with
is jumping with
is walking to
is running to
is crawling to
is jumping to
is walking away from
is running away from
is crawling away from
is jumping away from
is walking after
is running after
is crawling after
is jumping after
is walking past
is running past
is crawling past
is jumping past
is standing next to
is sitting next to
is lying next to
is crouching next to
is standing in front of
is sitting in front of
is lying in front of
is crouching in front of
is standing behind
is sitting behind
is lying behind
is crouching behind
is standing with
is sitting with
is lying with
is crouching with

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