Help us create a library of genders, expressions, and poses!

Instruction_Illustration Below we will show you sentences describing a simple scene between two people, Person 1 and Person 2. Please change the pose, orientation, position, gender, and expression of Person 1 and Person 2 to, as realistically as possible (e.g., joint angles are physically possible), illustrate the sentence. In these set of HITs, there is no background, so feel free to imagine your own background, including any desired inanimate objects, and make the people consistent with the imagined scene.

Before you proceed, you can play around with the clipart interface below. The buttons on the right side of the interface may be used to change a person's gender, flip a person horizontally (i.e., look the other way), and to change their expression. A person's position in the image may be changed by dragging their torso and their torso orientation/angle may be changed by dragging their head. The position of a person's arms and legs may be changed by dragging them. A diagram of how to change a person's pose is shown on the right. For example, if you want to make a person bending over to pick something up on the right side of the screen, you can first click on his torso and drag him to the right side, then you can rotate his body/torso to be horizontal by dragging his head, followed by dragging both of his legs to angle them so they are vertical, and finally positioning his arms correctly.

Created scenes that do not, as realistically as possible, depict the sentence will be rejected.

Thanks for your great work!

Illustrate this sentence:

Who is Person 1 in your creation?

Who is Person 2 in your creation?