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Research in Wireless@VT

Submitted/Under Review:

First author:

  • “Generalization of Deep Graph Convolutional Neural Networks”, submitted to NIPS 2020 (under review)
  • “Federated Learning in Mobile Edge Computing: An Edge-Learning Perspective for Beyond 5G”, submitted to IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine (under review)

Other Contributions:

  • “RCNet: Incorporating Structural Information into Deep RNN for MIMO-OFDM Symbol Detection with Limited Training”, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (revision under review)
  • Learning with Structure-Aware Decomposition in Integer-Constrained Optimization: A Neural Network-Based Approach, submitted to NIPS 2020 (under review)
  • Moving Toward Intelligence: Detecting Symbols on 5G Systems Through Deep Echo State Network, submitted to JETCAS.
  • Stochastic Geometry Analysis for Layer Based Scalable Video Caching in 5G Networks, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Communications.

Previous Work


S. Jere, J. Dauwels, M. T. Asif, N. M. Vie, A. Cichocki and P. Jaillet, “Extracting commuting patterns in railway networks through matrix decompositions,”, 13th International Conference on Control Automation Robotics & Vision (ICARCV), Singapore, 2014, pp. 541-546.

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