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Mobile Edge Computing

  • 10/01/19: Dr. Liu, Junchao, Lianjun, and Jianan have a discussion with Dr. Xiang Chen and his group from George Mason University on their works of neural network decoupling. Please check out the Meeting Minutes.
  • 09/25/19: The first task force meeting in Fall 2019. Reviewing papers from Proceedings of IEEE
    • Bodong: A Survey on Mobile Edge Computing: Communication Perspective;
    • Kian: Edge Computing Security: State of the Art and Challenges; Privacy Techniques for Edge Computing Systems
    • Jianan: Deep Learning with Edge Computing; In-Edge AI
    • Junchao: Edge Intelligence: Paving the Last Mile of AI with Edge Computing
    • Action Item for Bodong: call for next meeting within two weeks (by Oct. 9th)
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