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Installing X11

Mac OS X

(fig.1) Browsing the Mac OS X Install Disk 1
(fig.2) Scroll down for additional programs
(fig.3) Select X11 for installation

Insert your Mac OS X Install Disk 1 into the computer, and double click the CD icon that appears on your desktop.
In the Finder window, SCROLL DOWN and double click on the Optional Installs.mpkg** icon. (see fig.2)
Read the intro, accept the license and select the destination hard drive. In the next page, expand Applications and select X11 (See fig.3).
Click Install.

    • If you do not have the Mac OS X Install Disk, you can download the Optional Installs.mpkg HERE


X11 on Windows is part of the Cygwin package, click HERE for installation instructions.


X11 is installed by default on all standard Linux/Unix installations.

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