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WebEx is a suite of web-conferencing tools that can be used to host live interactive online meetings and even class sessions. Faculty, Staff, people with GTA/GRA/GA roles can host meetings, and any student or registered user can be invited to the meeting.

Getting Started

  • You can access Virginia Tech's WebEx with this url: https://virginiatech.webex.com
  • This site requires setting up a new VT WebEx account. We strongly encourage a different password than your PID password.
  • Once you've created an account, you can can login at the upper righthand corner of the site.

Attending a Meeting

If you want to attend a meeting hosted by someone else, you should have received an email invitation to the meeting. Simply click the link and join the meeting, or enter the meeting number into the VT WebEx website under the home tab.

  • Please note that once you have joined a meeting, you need to click on Call Using Computer to connect your computer audio.

Hosting an Instant Meeting

  1. Log into https://virginiatech.webex.com and click on the Meeting Center tab
  2. Click on Meet Now and then Enter Room to immediately host a meeting in your "Personal Room"
    • You may be prompted to install the Cisco plugin
  3. Once the meeting app has started, click on Call Using Computer. This connects your computer's audio to the meeting.
    • You can modify audio settings by click on the 3 dots underneath and select Test computer audio
  4. Next you can turn on the Camera by click on the Start My Video button in black prompt on the right side.
    • Your video can be toggled by the camera icon to the right of your name under the Participants area

Sharing Screen/Applications

As the Host or Presenter, you can share your computer screen or select application windows.

  • To share your screen, click the Share Screen button in the middle.
  • To share specific apps or files, click on the 3 dots underneath and select the desired app.

Inviting Participants

To invite other people to your meeting, click on the Invite & Remind button. Enter the email address into the text box and select Send to invite someone.

You can also click the Invite with your local email to open up an email using your default mail client if you prefer.

Recording a Meeting

You can record a meeting by pressing the Record button on the left side of the meeting.

Once the meeting has finished and closed, the recording will appear after some time under the "My Recorded Meetings" link in Meeting Center tab

Transfer Host

You can transfer Host/Presenter privileges to another person to allow them to share their screen or applications.

  • To transfer, drag the "ball" icon next to your name in the participants list to the desired participant.

Scheduling a Meeting

To schedule a meeting for in the future...

  1. Log into https://virginiatech.webex.com and click on the Meeting Center tab
  2. Click on Schedule a Meeting
  3. Underneath "Required Information, select Quick Scheduler
  4. Fill out the form and click Start


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