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There are a few options available for web hosting.

VT Hosting

We generally recommend VT Hosting for your web hosting needs. They support standard html/php/mysql websites, with the ability to give granular (page or folder specific) permissions to any VT PID, and have a dedicated team in case of problems.

More information can be found here: https://computing.vt.edu/content/quick-start-web-hosting-service

To request an ECE domain name for VT Hosting, create a ticket and provide the desired domain name (something.ece.vt.edu)

ECE Hosting

We also provide the ability to host your individual or research group webpages on our web server, and also support html/php/mysql websites.

If you have an ECE account, you will find a directory called "public_html" in your [home directory]. Any html or php pages you put in this directory will be available publicly on the internet as:




where <eceAccount> is your ECE account name.

  • Note: this is the tilda character "~" followed by your account name without the "< >" characters.

If you require a unique domain name for your website instead, please submit a ticket. Domain names can be anything.ece.vt.edu. We will point the domain name to your ECE account public_html folder.

There are a few rule which govern what you can put in your website:

  1. You must comply with the VT Acceptable Use Policy
  2. You may not run a business of any kind. This means, you can not sell things using VT's provided web service.
  3. You may not put questionable / objectionable things up. No pornography.
  4. You may not violate copyrights. No file sharing through VT's provided web service.

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