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PuTTY is a SSH client for Windows and an alternative way for you to access the CVL via the internet when you are not able to work in the lab on campus.

Downloading and Install PuTTY

(fg.1) Enabling X11 Forwarding.

Step 1To Get PuTTY go to the downloads page and select the first option of PuTTY.exe Save the file to your desktop.
Step 2Now open up PuTTY.exe (no installation required)
Step 3On the left side categories, navigate to Connection, then to the SSH option, and finally the X11 option. Enable X11 Forwarding (fg.1). This enables you to bring up programs graphically via Cygwin/X.

Using Cygwin and PuTTY to access the CVL

Go to the Cygwin/X page to learn how to remotely access the CVL.

Additional Links

PuTTY Home page
PuTTY download page

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