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Installing Synopsys

The installation (and use) of the EDA package Synopsys seems like folklore, nobody seems to know what they are doing, while some "gods" out there seem to get it right, they are not telling.

Names of packages, and what they do

It seems that even the package names are not well understood.

Cadence Name What I think they are Commands that this gives you Standalone / Overlay Install
VCS_MX don't know scs Don't know yet

Naming Conventions and Such

It seems that Synopsys give us absolutly no suggestion as to were to install this. While there is a bunch of documentation about some sort of "install tree", this install tree applies only to a few packages, and there is no indecation of exactly which packages it applies to.

Also, there is the notion of "overlay install" verses "standalone install". Each package seems to clearly document weather it is a standalone/overlay install. I'm pretty sure that any package that any package that is standalone is to be in its own little directory tree.

is marked

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