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**Programs and software information and instructions.  
**Programs and software information and instructions.  
*[[Services in the CVL]]
**Services offered in the CVL.
*[[Software Packages and Programs]]
*[[Software Packages and Programs]]

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Welcome to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Support and Information Wiki.

This wiki provides information on all things related to ECE IT services and the CAD and Visualization Lab (CVL).


ECE Services

Most ECE services can be accessed by your ECE account, including the CVL.

ECE Accounts

  • Create or edit your ECE account
  • Faculty and Staff have the ability to create additional "sub" accounts


  • Automatic backup service for ECE Faculty and Staff


  • Poster printing for ECE related projects

ECE Filebox

  • Cloud storage and CVL home directory

ECE Software

  • Download site for ECE software packages

ECE Helpdesk

  • Problems? Questions? Create a ticket!

CVL Services

Compute Clusters

  • Offers information on the compute clusters available in the CVL.

CVL Help Articles

  • Help documents for CVL

Additional Information

  • Resources
    • Programs and software information and instructions.

Virginia Tech Sites

Virginia Tech Home Page

Electrical and Computer Engineering Home Page

College of Engineering Home Page


  • The one-stop computing resource site for Virginia Tech

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