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To use the ECE License Server off campus you can connect to VT's VPN (link here).

The following software packages will not work with VT's VPN:

OpNet/RiverBed Modeler

For these packages, please contact they will send you a key file (client.ovpn) for the license server VPN.

To use this:

  1. Please contact saying what package you are trying to use and they will send you a key file (client.ovpn
  2. Go here:
Pick the appropriate down load for you machine.
Install OpenVPN by double clicking it.
Don't try to run the program just yet.
  1. Click
"All Programs",
"Short Cuts",
"OpenVPN configuration file directory"
  1. Copy the key file "client.ovpn" to this folder.
  2. Right click the desktop icon "OpenVPN". Select "Run as administrator"
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