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  • This program is best operated from the CVL workstations rather than remote access unless you wish to test your patience. Alternately, you could download the recent version directly from the website listed:
Official Website:
Freeware LayoutEditor

1. To launch the program, login to CVL and execute the command:

[login@cvlxx ~]layout-mems &
  • This customized version has an extra feature the download from the website does not have. It has a "3D Add-on" for viewing 3D models of some simple structures which are based on a predefined 4-layer process, described in order below:
Substrate Etch - Layer 4 - Positive PR and Dark Field & etch
Oxide Etch - Layer 9 - Positive PR and Dark Field & etch
PolySilicon Deposition - layer 14 - Positive PR and Clear Field & etch
Metal deposit - Layer 19 - Positive PR and Dark Field & Liftoff

2. If your layout conforms to this process, you can view the 3D model as follows:

1. Go to "Utilities->Macros" and select "MEMS Technology".
Note: This prepares the layers for further process simulation.
2. To verify check the names of the layers.
Note: Obviously, your features should be in the layers as numbered above.
3. In the Topcell go to "Utilities->Macros" and select "3D View Normalizer_v1".
Note: A new cell should be created with the name "3D_Trans".
4. Go to "Utilities->3D Addon" and select "Render Addon"
Note: The 3D View should now be displayed in a separate window.

To be updated further....

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