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<br>'''PCB Routing'''
<br>'''PCB Routing'''
<br>[ Allegro PCB Router]
<br>[ Allegro PCB Router]
<br>'''Package Design and Package SI'''
<br>Cadence 3D Design Viewer Option
<br>Allegro Package Designer
<br>Allegro Package SI
<br>Advanced Package Designer
<br>'''Analog Simulation'''
<br>'''Analog Simulation'''
<br>[ Allegro AMS Simulator]
<br>[ Allegro AMS Simulator]

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General Information about Cadence

The Cadence products for Windows supported under Virginia Tech's license are as follows: Design Entry and Librarian
Design Access Bundle HDL
Concept HDL
CheckPlus HDL
Allegro Design Editor
PCB Librarian
Allegro PCB Librarian
Allegro Design Entry CIS
Allegro Design Entry HDL
PCB Design
Allegro PCB Design HDL
Allegro PCB Design CIS
Layout Studio
Allegro PCB Performance Option
Allegro Router Auto/Interactive Option
Allegro Router Performance Option
Allegro Physical Viewer
PCB Designer Suite w/ Concept
PCB Designer Suite w/ Capture
Allegro Viewer Plus
Allegro PCB
Allegro Designer
Allegro Expert
Cadence SKILL Development Environment
PCB Routing
Allegro PCB Router
Package Design and Package SI
Cadence 3D Design Viewer Option
Allegro Package Designer
Allegro Package SI
Advanced Package Designer
Analog Simulation
Allegro AMS Simulator
Allegro PCB SI
SPECCTRAQuest Planner
SPECCTRAQuest Engineer
SPECCTRAQuest Expert
Allegro PCB PI Option
Allegro PCB Model Integrity

Installing under Windows (2000/XP/Vista)


Step 1 Double click on My Computer and type in the address space \\\SPD. To gain access to this folder you must type in your ECE username and password.
Step 2 Open the folder called SPB1551_Program. Once in this folder find and open Setup.exe.
Step 3 With the installation started click on the Install Products button. The next window informs you to disable your antivirus, disregard this and continue.
Step 4 Now you will be brought to the License Manager Communication Setup. Under port number enter: 27002 and under host name enter: and continue.
Step 5 Enter in your user name and organization

Additional Links

Cadence home page
The Cadence Designer Network User Group

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