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<br>[[Image:cadence.gif | 150px]]
<br>[[Image:cadence.gif | 150px]]
==General Information about Cadence==
[ Allegro AMS Simulator]
==Installing under Windows (2000/XP/Vista)==
==Installing under Windows (2000/XP/Vista)==

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General Information about Cadence

Allegro AMS Simulator

Installing under Windows (2000/XP/Vista)


Step 1 Double click on My Computer and type in the address space \\\SPD. To gain access to this folder you must type in your ECE username and password.
Step 2 Open the folder called SPB1551_Program. Once in this folder find and open Setup.exe.
Step 3 With the installation started click on the Install Products button. The next window informs you to disable your antivirus, disregard this and continue.
Step 4 Now you will be brought to the License Manager Communication Setup. Under port number enter: 27002 and under host name enter: and continue.
Step 5 Enter in your user name and organization

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