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==Additional Links==
==Additional Links==
[ Cadence home page]
[ Cadence Design Systems' home page]
<br>[ The Cadence Designer Network User Group]
<br>[ The Cadence Designer Network User Group]
<br>[ Cadence General Information]
<br>[ Cadence General Information]

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General Information about Cadence

Virginia Tech is proud member of the Cadence University Program.

Cadence Design Systems provides us with industry standard CAD tools that are state of the art in electrical engineering design. Some of the research groups and classes using Cadence tools include:

Class / Research Group Area of Interest
ECE 2204 Electronics
VLSI I&II Learn VLSI Design
CESCA Center for Embedded Systems for Critical Applications
CPES Center for Power Electronic Systems
WML Wireless Microsystems Laboratory

Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. 2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, CA 95134

The Cadence products for Windows supported under Virginia Tech's license

Design Entry and Librarian
Design Access Bundle HDL
Allegro Design Editor
PCB Librarian
Allegro PCB Librarian
Allegro Design Entry CIS
Allegro Design Entry HDL Includes Concept HDL, CheckPlus HDL
PCB Design
Allegro PCB Design HDL This product includes PCB Design Suite /w Concept
Allegro PCB Design CIS This product includes PCB Design Suite /w Capture
Layout Studio
Allegro PCB Editor This product includes Allegro Physical Viewer, Allegro PCB Performance Option, Allegro Router Performance Option, and Allegro Router Auto/Interactive Option
Allegro Viewer Plus
Allegro PCB
Allegro Designer
Allegro Expert
Cadence SKILL Development Environment
PCB Routing
Allegro PCB Router
Package Design and Package SI
Cadence 3D Design Viewer Option
Allegro Package Designer Also includes Advanced Package Designer
Allegro Package SI
Analog Simulation
Allegro AMS Simulator
Allegro PCB SI This product includes the Allegro PCB PI Option, SPECCTRAQuest Expert
SPECCTRAQuest Planner
SPECCTRAQuest Engineer
Allegro PCB Model Integrity

Installing under Windows (2000/XP/Vista)

You must verify with the systems administrator that you are properly licensed for Cadence. If so, you will be given access to the install media. The instructions to install Cadence are here.

Additional Links

Cadence Design Systems' home page
The Cadence Designer Network User Group
Cadence General Information

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