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[[Image:ADS Setup 2.jpg]]
[[Image:ADS Setup 2.jpg]]
<br><sub>fg.2 Advanced Tab</sub>

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ADS Agilent.gif

Getting Started

(fg.1) Selecting Properties.
(fg.3) Environment Variables Window.
(fg.4) New Variable Window.

Before Installing ADS there is one important step you need to take in order for the program to work. On the desktop right click on my computer and select the properties option from that menu (fg.1). A window called System Properties should pop up. From here select the Advanced Tab (fg.2). Under the Advanced tab click on the button called Environmental Variables. Select New for the options for User variables (fg.3). Enter for Variable name AGILEESOFD_LICENSE_FILE and for Variable value (fg.4). Now you are set to being installing ADS.

ADS Setup 2.jpg
fg.2 Advanced Tab

Installing ADS on Windows (2000/XP/Vista)

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