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          <rev user="Rbrand7" timestamp="2020-03-16T14:21:44Z" comment="/* CVL Services */" xml:space="preserve">'''Welcome to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Support and Information Wiki.'''

This wiki provides information on all things related to ECE IT services and the '''''CAD and Visualization Lab''''' (CVL). 

==ECE Services==
Most ECE services can be accessed by your ECE account, including the CVL.

'''Click on the link below to create an ECE account.'''

[ Manage ECE Accounts]
* Create or edit your ECE account
* Faculty and Staff have the ability to create additional &quot;sub&quot; accounts
* Virginia Tech's online video conferencing tool
* Automatic backup service for ECE Faculty and Staff
[[Poster Printing]]
* Poster printing for ECE related projects
[[ECE Filebox]]
*Cloud storage and CVL home directory
[[ECE Software]]
*Download site for ECE software packages
[[Web Services]]
*Webpage related services
[ ECE Helpdesk]
*Problems? Questions? Create a ticket!
* git repositories hosted by ECE
[[ECE Help Articles]]
*Help documents for ECE

==SSH Services==
* Guacamole -- A Web Browswer Interface to the ECE Linux Machines

==CVL Services==
[[Using the CVL]]
*Information on how to access CVL
[[How to use Software on CVL]]
*Information on how to access the softwares available on CVL
[[Compute Clusters]]
*Offers information on the compute clusters available in the CVL.
[[Software Packages and Programs]]
*General information, including setup and installation, of the packages that ECE offers.
*Connect to the CVL with Windows
[[CVL Help Articles]]
*Help documents for CVL

[[Spacecc Information]]

==Additional Information==

*[[Getting Started]]
**Under Construction

==Virginia Tech Sites==
[ Virginia Tech Home Page]

[ Electrical and Computer Engineering Home Page]

[ College of Engineering Home Page]

[ Virginia Tech’s 4Help]
* The one-stop computing resource site for Virginia Tech

==Making Contributions==
* To learn about how you can support the CVL click on the link: [[Making Contributions]].