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      <page pageid="263" ns="0" title="SPB OrCAD">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">=Installing SPB/ORCAD 16.5=

'''Please uninstall all previous versions of ORCAD'''

#Download all the SPB Base and Hotfix files here:
#Expand all the zip files
#Open Disk 1 and double click setup.exe
#Select '''Product Installation'''
#Hit '''Next''' until the '''Setup Type''' page, select Complete
#Installation Page - '''License Path''':
#*During the install process you will be prompted for the location of disks 2-5. Make sure you have downloaded and unzipped these.
#After the install, run Hotfix_SPB16.50.034_wint_1of1.exe</rev>
      <page pageid="313" ns="0" title="Saber">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">== Use Saber on CVL ==
*CVL, CVL Workstation or Beast Cluster can be used to launch Saber as GUI application

Type the following command